Flood Safety Measures

You can protect yourself from flood hazards by taking measures to ensure the safety of life and property before, during, and after a flood occurs. If evacuation becomes necessary, be sure that you turn off all utility services at the main connection. If evacuation is ordered, do so immediately; don’t wait.

Did you know that floods cause more deaths and property damage than tornadoes and hurricanes?

Follow these additional tips to further protect yourself:

       ♦ Do not walk through flowing water: Drowning is the number one cause of flood deaths, mostly during flash floods. Currents can be deceptive; six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet. If you walk in standing water, use a pole or stick to see how deep the water is.

       ♦ Do not drive through a flooded area: More people drown in their cars than anywhere else. Do not drive around road barriers; the road  or bridges further down the road may be may be washed out.

       ♦ Stay away from power lines and electrical wires: The number two flood killer after drowning is electrocution. Electric current can        travel through water. Report downed power lines to the electricity provider or the county Emergency Management Office.

“Flood proofing” your home, such as installing watertight doors and windows, also provides an additional safety net against flooding.  

In the event of a storm warning or advisory, immediately bring outdoor furniture and other possessions inside or tie them down securely. Be sure you have a full tank of gasoline and stock the car with nonperishable canned goods, with a can opener, a container of water, a first aid kit and any special medication needed by the family.

Street flooding can happen very quickly in some areas as a result of rainstorms and/or high tides. Learn where these areas are located and move your vehicle out of the way of rising water early during flooding. Stay alive, never drive through flood waters!


For more information, assistance, and access to flood maps, please visit the Building Department at 9001 Winchester Avenue to meet with the Certified Floodplain Manager, James Galantino or call (609)822-1974.