Tax Assessor

James W. Manghan, CTA

Mission Statement

 Welcome to the online home of the Margate City Tax Assessor’s Office, our mission is to provide administration, valuation and assessment of all real property located within the municipal boundaries of Margate City.

  Our duties also include but are not limited to, performing owner/address changes, reviews of deeds and property sales, inspection of property for value changes, processing property tax deductions, maintenance of tax maps, defense of appeals, and preparation of the annual Tax List.

 In doing so, our office is governed and guided by the Administrative Code, Constitution, and Laws of the State of New Jersey under the supervision of the NJ Division of Taxation, the Atlantic County Board of Taxation, and Margate City.

 The office staff will strive to provide for an accurate and objective implementation of assessment practices, to ensure fair and equitable valuations of all real property, while acting in a professional and courteous manner, in accordance with our duties and responsibilities to the public.

 In the event, you should have any questions or may require assistance from our office, please contact us, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals on staff that look forward to assisting you.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
James Manghan, CTA, SCRREA Tax Assessor (609) 822-1950
Kathleen Wohlman, CTA, SLREA Deputy Tax Assessor (609) 822-1950
Erin Rundall, CTA Assistant Assessor (609) 822-1950