Flood Protection Information

Mission Statement

The safety of your family is of the utmost importance! To be well informed about an approaching storm, keep a battery powered radio tuned to a local station, and follow all emergency instructions. If evacuation is ordered, Margate City has a prepared emergency evacuation plan coordinated with the City of Northfield to assure the smooth flow of traffic over the Jerome Avenue bridge and through Northfield. In the event of a storm advisory or warning, immediately bring outdoor furniture and other possessions inside or tie them down securely, be sure you have a full tank of gasoline and stock the car with nonperishable canned goods (with a can opener), a container of water, first aid kit and any special medication needed by the family. Do not walk through flowing water. Do not drive through flooded areas. Stay away from downed wires of any kind. If time permits, pull off the main power switch and shut off the main gas valve.

For more information, assistance, and further access to flood maps, please visit the Building Department at 9001 Winchester Avenue to meet with the Certified Floodplain Manager, James Galantino (609)822-1974.

Elevations Certificates are available for review in our Building Department as well.