Sustainable Margate

Sustainable Margate is the core of our City's Green Team. Comprised of both City Employees and local volunteers, the Sustainable Margate Board is charged with the responsibility to "Go Green", "Save Money", and Sustain the quality of life in Margate for the long term".

Sustainable Margate meets regularly to steer local initiatives and works toward achieving certification from Sustainable Jersey. Sustainable Jersey is a unique program which seeks to make municipalities sustainable on many levels. The program provides a framework of potential actions, with guidance and resources which include access to funding, which enable towns to achieve the ‘Sustainable Jersey’ distinction.

Sustainable Margate will work to lessen Margate’s environmental footprint, energize local volunteerism for stewardship, conduct educational forums and provide central coordinated leadership for appropriate existing programs and committees that are environmentally oriented.

Sustainable Margate is always looking for volunteers to participate in the board's committees and initiatives. If you are interested, please contact Chairperson Steve Jasiecki.

Board Members

Name Title
Steve Jasiecki Chairperson
Monica Coffey Point Committee
John Pitts Vice Chairperson
Anthony Edge Secretary
Debra Barnet Garden Committee
Bob Blumberg Member
Jane Pizagno Member
Nancy Johnson Member
Nancy Roche Member
Susan Alice Member
Daiva Minter Board Member
Sherri Lilienfeld Board Member