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Margate is a charming island community in Atlantic County, New Jersey. With a bay to one side, a beach to the other, and Atlantic City just 5.3 miles away, Margate offers residents and visitors ample opportunities for world class dining, entertainment and outdoor adventures. The town’s historic charm and uniqueness, combined with its ideal location, quality schools and strong community spirit, make Margate an attractive place to both visit and live.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Caption from left to right:
John F. Amodeo, Commissioner of Public Safety
Michael Becker, Mayor & Commissioner of Public Works
Maury Blumberg, Commissioner of Revenue & Finance

Margate on the Map

The City of Margate is located on Absecon Island and is approximately 1.50 miles long and 1.0 miles at its widest point. It is bordered by Ventnor City to the Northeast and Longport Borough to the Southwest, with the Atlantic Ocean to the East and Beach Thoroughfare (the "Bay") to the West.

The streets that border Margate are Fredericksburg Avenue on the Ventnor side, and Coolidge Avenue on the Longport side. The majority of the streets in Margate run in alphabetical order beginning with Argyle Avenue and ending with Washington Avenue heading toward Longport. After Washington Avenue the streets are named for Presidents.

A little bit of History

Margate City has a long and rich history. Originally known as South Atlantic City, in 1869 the State Legislature paved the way for Margate to be chartered as a municipality.

The extension of a railroad line through the City and the building of a restaurant-hotel in 1881 in the shape of an elephant named "Lucy" began to shape the growth of Margate. To learn more about the history of the City of Margate, contact the Margate Historical Society at 609.823.6546, or read about our history on the Margate Library web page Click Here