Margate Going Green

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At their June 19, 2014 meeting, the Margate City Commissioners adopted the city’s first green purchasing policy. Also known as Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, this policy will serve as a guideline on all future purchasing decisions.


It is the policy & practice of the City of Margate to:

•             institute practices that reduce waste by increasing product efficiency and effectiveness,

•             purchase products that minimize environmental impacts, toxics, pollution, and hazards to worker and community safety to the greatest extent practicable, and

•             purchase products that include recycled content, are durable and long-lasting, conserve energy and water, use agricultural fibers and residues, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, use unbleached or chlorine free manufacturing processes, are lead-free and mercury-free, and use wood from sustainably harvested forests (FSC) when & where possible, practical and economically feasible.


The goal of this policy is to encourage and increase the use of environmentally preferable products and services in the City of Margate. By including environmental considerations in purchasing decisions, Margate can promote practices that improve public and worker health, conserve natural resources, and reward environmentally conscious manufacturers, while remaining fiscally responsible.

The policy objectives are to:

•             Minimize health risks to city staff and residents,

•             Minimize the city’s contribution to global climate change,

•             Improve air quality

•             Protect the quality of ground and surface waters

•             Minimize the city’s consumption of resources