Demolition Requirements

City of Margate City Ordinance #13 of 2012



After demolition of structures, the owner shall install a two-foot plywood fence/barrier around the entire property line of the lot; if there is any question about the exact location of this barrier or its method of installation, the Construction Official shall provide the determination.

If the property is greater than 5,000 sq ft, Cape Atlantic Soil (609) 625-1517 must be notified and this office must be provided with written approval.

Proof of ownership (a copy of the deed) must be provided.

A copy of license and certificate of liability must be provided by the contractor.

All utilities must be disconnected, and written proof must be provided:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Cable
  • Water & Sewer
  • Telephone

Provide a dig release number.

Property Must be properly abated in regard to all asbestos, including siding, pipe wraps, and heating insulation.

Adjoining properties (list can be obtained in the assessor’s office) shall be notified via mail or hand delivered of demolition three [3] days prior. Provide copies of notification to this office.

Property must be exterminated two [2] days prior to demolition. Provide written or executed documentation of extermination.

Property heat designation- The owner must provide a letter stating what type of heat the property had, along with a statement that any underground oil storage tank(s) has been property abated and is contamination free prior to demolition.

The owner must provide a letter authorizing the contractor to demolition of the property and must state the address of the property.

  • After demolition, the property shall be graded to meet adjoining property level.
  • After demolition, the property shall be kept weed and debris free.
  • After demolition, the property sidewalk area shall be clear of any obstructions and passable for all pedestrian traffic.


Demolition Requirement Checklist

Dig Release Form

Construction Permit Application Jacket

Building Subcode Technical Section