Beautification Board

The Margate City Beautification Board was established by the City
Commissioners in 1995 to protect and enhance the esthetics of the City by initiating an active, ongoing program of City-wide beautification, and to preserve and enhance the City’s appearance and cleanliness. To this end, the Board consists of 10 members, 8 being year-round residents and two being merchants or professional business owners/operators. Board members are annually appointed by the City Commissioners.

In the past, some programs of the Beautification Board have included: Garden Contest in July, Holiday Lighting Contest, the Adopt-A-Beach Program, and City-wide Yard Sales and Community Cleanup Day at the beginning of May each year. Some of these programs have evolved into administrative duties by City departments and some have been eliminated. Some projects developed by the Beautification Board have been ably taken over and successfully run by others, such as the Margate Business Association, including “Beachfest”.

Currently the Beautification Board is in a dormant stage, and would be reconstituted should there be interest by residents and merchants to serve, and to develop a new approach to beautification of the City. If you are interested in serving, at perhaps one or two meetings a month, please correspond to Roger Rubin.

Board Members

Name Title
Rosenkrantz Faith Chairperson
Debbie Devlin Vice Chairperson
Laurie Blumberg Secretary
Rachel Bogatin Board Member
Barbara Packman Board Member
Stephanie Koch Board Member
Sarah Jacobson Board Member
Roger McLarnon Liaison, Staff Advisor to the Beautification Board